You are currently viewing Unity C# Game Development 101: Learn By Making Games (2022)

Unity C# Game Development 101: Learn By Making Games (2022)

Design & Develop Video Games in Unity 101 . Learn the fundamentals by creating a fun game.

What you’ll learn
Learn and improve your knowledge of C#.
Learn the fundamentals of the Unity Engine (audio, AI, GUI etc.), a powerful game engine.
Learn how the process of designing a game from scratch (video game design).
Learn basic programing patterns especially useful for game development.
Practice and learn with CHALLENGES which are given in almost every lecture video.
Make a fun and engaging 3D game in Unity
Learn the basics of Object Oriented Programing
The code is always attached to the lectures as resources.
No prerequisites, knowing the basics of programing is a plus.
This Unity 101 course is taught by the lead developer of Coreffect Interactive, a professional indie game studio that has released a successful title on Steam, and is currently developing a large scale game in partner with a prominent publisher.Unity is one of the most popular 3D tools used to make video games, movies and more. You will learn how to use most aspects of this powerful engine by creating a game.Even if you have no experience with coding and game development tools, we will guide you through every aspects of game development and will teach you how to navigate Unity.This course is project-based, which means that you will learn everything BY creating your own game. This method of teaching has been proven to be a lot more effective than traditional techniques. All the project files are included, as well as additional references and resources to make sure that you will never get stuck.Almost every lecture contains a challenge, which will make sure you understand the material. In theses challenges, you will implement what you have learned.You will get full lifetime access for a fee and can refund the course within 30 days! We are professional qualified and experienced game developers, and are able to explain our knowledge effectively. This course is for anyone who wants to turn there ideas into games, and the knowledge you learn will apply to many other fields.We guarantee you will be satisfied with the course!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Intro & Overview (+ Game Showcase)

Lecture 2 Unity Engine Version (important)

Section 2: Unity 3D 101: Learn by making games

Lecture 3 GAME DESIGN 101: Preparing, planning, organization & GDD

Lecture 4 Project Setup

Lecture 5 GAMEOBJECTS? Creating our Player & Getting the player input

Lecture 6 OBJECTS, COMPONENTS, PHYSICS 101: Implementing Player Movement