Unity 2D Master: Game Development with C# and Unity

Unity 2D Master: Game Development with C# and Unity Free Download

What you’ll learn

  • Learn C# from scratch and develop good coding practices
  • Implement Unity’s NEW INPUT SYSTEM with controller support
  • Use Unity latest features: Tilemap, Cinemachine, 2D lighting and Postprocessing
  • Implement complex player movement with animation system
  • Learn about UI system, create functional Main Menu with buttons, use the TextMesh Pro package
  • Create enemies and traps, destructible objects, melee combat
  • Implement Sound Effects and Background music
  • Get familiar with powerful and versatile Particle System
  • Implement moving and one way platforms
  • Learn to save and load game data with Playerprefs


  • Free Unity version (2020 or newer) and Visual Studio – Installation process included in the course
  • No previous experience in C# or Unity is required- This course is beginner friendly and you can start from scratch
  • PC or Mac


This course is made in Unity 2020 using Unity’s newest tools and packages. I promise you that this is one of a kind course with short, informative easy-to-follow lessons. No time-wasting, that’s why I call it Time Saver.

This course covers all skill levels and therefore is divided into two parts:

  • sections for complete beginners in C# and Unity
  • sections for game developers with experience

If you just started with Game Development, then the beginner sections are for you. The lessons will gradually increase your knowledge and improve the skills that are needed for the next part of the course.

The beginner sections are:

  • Installation
  • C# and Unity Fundamentals
  • Physics 2D Mini-Game

( Note that you can skip beginner sections if you already have a fundamental knowledge of Unity and C# )

First, you will learn how to correctly set up your 2D projects and get familiar with the Unity interface.

In the C# and Unity Fundamentals section, we dive into C#, an object-oriented programming language that is the standard for game development in Unity. You will learn everything about:

  • Classes
  • Functions
  • Variables
  • Conditions (if,switch statements)
  • Loops
  • Arrays
  • Access Modifiers

Then we apply that knowledge to make Physics 2D Mini-Game in which we also learn about the Physics Engine. It’s important to say that the Mini-Game section will teach you how to correctly move objects in Fixed Update and avoid common beginner mistakes. You will learn everything about physics forces, gravity, collision matrix, layers, Rigidbody, and other Unity components. This section is also a slight introduction to the new input system.  After you managed to complete all beginner sections and challenges, you are ready to continue with the 2D Platformer section.

The 2D platformer section is the main part of the course in which you learn how to fully utilize the new input system with controller support.

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