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Unity 2019 Make a 3d Survival Game

Download Unity 2019 Make a 3d Survival Game Free Unity. 
Create a 3d game with URP from scratch in a low poly style with inventory, crafting, and save systems.

What you’ll learn

  • Unity game development using Universal Rendering Pipeline
  • Implementing different game systems: movement, cinemachine camera, inventory, pickup, crafting, and saving the game.
  • Creating a low-poly map using 3d models and PolyBrush tool


  • Intermediate c# knowledge
  • Intermediate Unity 3d knowledge

Are you looking for an intermediate Unity course where you will build a small 3d game, from scratch with a maintainable codebase? In this course we will create a survival game with 3rd person camera, player movement system, animations, a simple island map, inventory, and crafting system and a save system to save our progress to a file. We will use the new Universal Rendering Pipeline to create our project., and structure the code using state pattern and Model-View-Controller architecture to make the code less prone to bugs.

If you have completed a few beginner courses on Unity and c# and you feel comfortable using them together I believe that you will benefit greatly from this course.

When I was learning Unity and Game Development overall I was always disappointed with the lack of intermediate courses that actually showed how to make a game that isn’t a single mono behaviour or that actually implements some useful systems like save system. I wanted a bigger project that I have lacked the skills to structure properly to keep it maintainable. How do you make a more complex game?

The answer is – one step at a time.

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    I finally found this course and i really appreciate for that but first three links are dead. Could you fix it?

    1. Unityassets4free

      We will try to update this ASAP.

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