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Unique Lasers Volume 1

Download Unique Lasers Volume 1 FREE Unity

14 optical laser(maser) Beams which will be made-to-order for First-Person, Third-Person and alternative views.

This package contains:

– fourteen optical maser Prefabs (customizable);
– Lasers will Bounce/mirror once colliding;
– light beam Script (control colour, bounces, size, fire point, endpoint, max length, overgrow etc);
– independent agency and TPS laptop Demo;
– independent agency and TPS ​Mobile Demo;​
– Pack of Textures for customization;
– Customizable Shaders;
– Particle System Controller Script (control size, speed, color, lights, trails, enable/disable vfxs, etc).
– HDRP and LWRP supported;

They can be simply re-sized, re-timed and re-coloured.

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