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uNature – GPU Grass and Interactable Trees

Download uNature – GPU Grass and Interactable Trees Free Unity. 

Have you ever had issues with unity’s grass performance? whether its spikes, overall performance or the features that come with it? Did you ever want to easily interact with the terrain trees?
Then uNature is what you are looking for!

uNature is a powerful and fully documented system that handles both grass and interactable trees.

uNature handles the grass very differently than the other systems on the asset store at the moment and has a lot of features, such as:

• Very powerful, procedural grass mechanics (Draw anywhere you want on your scene, whether its a terrain or any kind of a surface without it affecting your performance. Note that multiple stacked surfaces aren’t supported as of yet [Multiple layers are planned])

* FULL LODs support including mesh lods support with also density based LODs. FULLY Multithreaded

• Supports color maps (read colors from the surface), dynamic surfaces and soon translucency

• Supports shadow casting, custom rendering layer for each prototype, LODs and individual wind setting.

• Works on the GPU and fully utilizes the power of the machine. Reducing all of the spikes that unity’s grass has and allows instant grass modifications. Yes, That means NO MORE patch rebuilding!!!!

• Full support for GPU Instancing for Unity 5.5 and above

• Fully modular, can be customized to work on almost any scenario and can be used on any platform other than Android versions that use Shader Model 2.

• Copies from the terrain precisely and takes exactly 2 min to set it up in your project.

• Interactions (Touch Bending and more coming soon)