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Download UMP Pro Win Mac Linux FREE Unity. 

UMP is universal Media Framework plugin for Unity that based on Video LAN Codec (libVLC) native libraries.
Support E-mail: [email protected]
Demo (Win64)
Demo (Mac64)

– Please read user manual before start use UMP;
– For possibility to use external/installed VLC libraries you should install the regular VLC player (Unity 64-bit Editor == VLC player 64-bit);
– Doesn’t support Android & iOS platforms without UMP Pro (Android, iOS);
– For correct work with UMP Pro (Android, iOS) package at first import UMP Pro (Android, iOS) package and after it import UMP Pro (Win, Mac, Linux) package in your project;

Main features:
+ Included full C# source code;
+ Full compability with UMP Pro (Android, iOS);
+ Supported platforms:
* Windows (x86, x86_64);
* Mac (x86_64);
* Linux (x86, x86_x64, Universal);
* WebGL (experimantal) – supported media formats and browser compatibility
Checked on next OS:
Win – 7, 8, 8.1, 10;
Mac – 10.10 Yosemite, 10.11 El Capitan;
Linux – Ubuntu 16.04 LTS;
WebGL – Firefox, Chrome.

+ Supported possibility to use external VLC libraries;

+ Supported possibility to easy switch subtitles (SPU) and audio tracks;

+ Supported Unity Audio Source component (only Win, Mac & Linux);

+ Supported transparent videos;

+ Supported possibility to get pixels of current video frame;

+ Supported video hosting services:
* Youtube (don’t support: everything private (private videos, bought movies, …), don’t support “Youtube Live Streams”);

+ Full compatibility with Unity Editor on supported platforms in different modes (fast native texture updates): Direct3D9, Direct3D11 and OpenGL;

+ Supported local video file playback, main formats (only for Win, Mac & Linux):
3GPP (.3gp), AVI (.avi), FLV (.flv), SWF (.swf), M4V (.m4v), Matroska (.mkv), Ogg Video (.ogg), QuickTime File Format (.mov, .qt), WebM (.webm), Windows Media Video (.wmv).

+ Supported main streaming media protocols (only for Win, Mac & Linux):

+ Supported main video player events:
Opening, Buffering, Playing, Paused, Stopped, Ended, Error.

+ Supported full logging system from native library in Unity Editor for more debugging possibility with different depth:
Warning, Debug, Error.

+ Supported main video player features, like: play, pause, mute, playback rate, rewind, snapshot, (SRT) subtitles, possibility to switch the audio output and ect…

Before update to the new version of UMP plugin, please delete the old one and don’t forget to save your custom scripts and plugins files.
Version 2.0.3:
* Added special settings asset in “Resource” folder that will be replace previous json file settings;
* Added special settings window – “Window/UMPSettings”;
* Updated youtube parsing functionality (fixed problem with last youtube api update);
* Updated native libVLC libraries for Windows (3.0.6) and Mac (3.0.6) platforms;
* Fixed problem with ‘Registry’ could not be found in Unity 2018.3.0f2+ versions.

* Updated custom shader that gives possibility to setup video aspect-ratio (added border offsets);
* Updated youtube parsing functionality (fixed problem with updated Youtube cipher algorithm);
* Updated native libVLC libraries for Windows (3.0.4) and Mac (3.0.4) platforms;
* Fixed problem when adding callbacks to end reached playback event;
* Fixed problem with application crash when playback some video streams.

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