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UMP (Android, iOS)

Download UMP (Android, iOS) FREE Unity. 

UMP is universal Media Framework plugin for Unity that based on different libraries that gives you more flexible possibilities to play your video data.
– Please read user manual before start use UMP;
– For video playback in Unity Editor you should install the regular VLC player (Unity 64-bit Editor == VLC player 64-bit);
– Doesn’t support PC, Mac & Linux Standalone builds without UMP (Win, Mac, Linux);
– For correct work with UMP (Win, Mac, Linux) package at first import UMP (Android, iOS) package and after it import UMP (Win, Mac, Linux) package in your project;
– Requires minimum API level 15 (Android 4.0.3);
– For video streams correct work switch in Player Settings – Internet Access: Require.

Main features:
+ Full compability with UMP (Win, Mac, Linux);
+ Supported:
* Android (both x86 and armeabi-v7a-bit friendly);
* iOS (both arm64 and armv7-bit friendly);

+ Supported possibility to play video in Unity Editor;

+ Supported possibility to use one of this players on Android platform:
* Native Android’s MediaPlayer API;
* LibVLC (v.3.0.9);
* ExoPlayer (v.2.8.2).

+ Supported possibility to use one of this players on iOS platform:
* Native media player (AVPlayer);
* FFmpeg (v.3.4 – k0.8.8).

+ Supported possibility to get pixels of current video frame;

+ Supported video hosting services:
* Youtube (don’t support: everything private (private videos, bought movies, …), don’t support “Youtube Live Streams”);

+ Supported local video file playback, main formats:
3GPP (.3gp), AVI (.avi), FLV (.flv), SWF (.swf), M4V (.m4v), Matroska (.mkv), Ogg Video (.ogg), QuickTime File Format (.mov.qt), WebM (.webm), Windows Media Video (.wmv).

+ Supported mainstreaming media protocols:

+ Supported main video player events: