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uMod 2.0

Download uMod 2.0 Free Unity. 

uMod 2.0 is a complete modding solution for the Unity game engine and makes it quick and painless to add mod support to your game. Modders are able to extend to and modify gameplay by creating mods with assets, scripts and even entire scenes, all within the Unity editor.

As of version 2.4.0 the uMod Exporter is no longer used. Instead you will build a tailored mod tools package using the mod tools builder.

The uMod 2.0 Exporter means that modders are able to use the intuitive user interface of the Unity Editor to create their content and then export to mod format in a single click.

-Basic mod support out of the box
-Supports all assets that Unity can handle, Yes! even scenes and scripts can be included
-Load from the local file system of from remote server
-Supports command line launching of mods
-Supports multi-mod loading
-Catches exceptions and errors generated by mods
-Modders can create their content in the Unity editor and export easily using uMod Exporter
-C# scripts and assemblies can be included in mods
-Cross domain scripting allows communication between game and mod scripts
-Script execution security allows developers to restrict modded code
-Customizable build pipeline allows for custom exporter tools to be created
-Supports asset sharing allowing modders to make use of game assets
-Includes a directory utility for managing a mod directory
-Dedicated online scripting reference
-Many more features

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