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New feature confirmed for next update: Precise authoritative movement and client-side prediction!
New feature confirmed for next update: Automatic adjustment of interpolation and prediction values supported latency to server
New feature confirmed for next update: terribly versatile and economical Area-of-interest feature

16/6/2018 News: Stand by for a tutorial on custom character synchronization we have a tendency to are terribly actively functioning on uMMO. Follow our Twitter for all relevant news!

Welcome to uMMO – Bypassing problems with and heavily up upon native Unity Networking since 2014

MAJOR overhaul within the creating. Exciting new options (published terribly shortly):
– way more stable authoritative movement! Overhauled:
x lag compensation
x shopper aspect prediction
x input process
– own extremely economical area-of-interest management resolution

We also are functioning on (YEARS within the creating and also prepared soon):
– info integration (ANY relative, ADO-supported, info engine)
– own ORM layer
– login
– chat

ATTENTION: Releases containing new options are doubtless to extend package value.

For those that have expertise operating with UNET: bored with unstable SyncVars and SyncLists in UNET? uMMO has it’s own, a lot of versatile and more stable means of simply synchronizing variables whereas still exploitation native UNET. And for those that even bear in mind operating with the previous (now depricated/obsolete) Unity networking system: affirmative, buffered variable synchronize and jest de-/serialization are integrated once more. All whereas profiting off the benefits of UNET, and bypassing several of it’s issues.

No laborious CCU limit! Ever! you’ll be able to host a neighborhood server for testing and later host the particular live server yourself (Linux and Windows supported, no extra computer code required at all) or simply allow us to host it! Its your selection utterly. Runs in Unity Personal and professional (and Plus)!

Would you wish to host your own dedicated game server? does one aim for max privacy and control?
Do you want a networking framework that’s simple to use and extremely maintainable?
Do you want a networking framework that’s versatile with outstanding support?
If you answer any of those queries absolutely, uMMO is that the excellent tool for you!

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