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UMA for RPG Builder

This asset requires RPG Builder and Unity Multipurpose Avatar. It provides an easy to use integration for RPG Builder and Unity Multipurpose Avatar (UMA).

Why you need this asset:

Unity Multipurpose Avatar brings powerful character creation, customization, and generation to your game without fuss! Add one, ten, or tens of thousands of characters to your scene in a moment’s notice with this free asset.

RPG Builder does not currently offer character customization out of the box, and uses the Unity default method of disabling and enabling game objects to add and remove clothing and armors to players.

UMA for RPG Builder combines the might of these two amazing assets by providing an easy, intuitive editor to seamlessly link Unity Multipurpose Avatar clothing to RPG Builder armors!

Artist Friendly: No programming or scripting knowledge necessary! UMA for RPG Builder was designed with use of ease in mind.

Have fully customizable, performant characters in RPG Builder at a moment’s notice with Unity Multipurpose Avatar and UMA for RPG Builder!


Requirements: This asset requires the following assets in order to work.