Ultimate VFX

Download Ultimate VFX Free Unity. 

The Ultimate VFX Construction Kit:

Create realistic fire, smoke, lightning, raging storms, shockwaves, and more!!

NOTE: SRPs are not supported. This asset works with the default 2D/3D modes.

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For previews, support, suggestions, and general discussion for this asset, check out the official Unity forum support thread!


● Suitable for both 2D and 3D games.

While containing a MASSIVE number of effects unique ONLY to this package, Ultimate VFX also includes…

– Action VFX
– Storm VFX
– Particle Force Fields
– Particle Plexus
– Advanced Particle Scaler
– Particle Twister

Also featuring:

▲ 300+ Prefabs – a massive collection of unique Shuriken particle system prefabs with varying levels of layered complexity to create amazing visual effects.

▲ 200+ (over 600MB) of Textures – want to create your own ultra high-quality effects for next-gen platforms and resolutions? Dive into this monstrous arsenal of sprites and spritesheets and make your own!

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      It is working properly… we are getting more than 5k downloads per day, please try again, it will work

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