Ultimate Unity Overview (30+ Tools and Features Explained!)

Ultimate Unity Overview (30+ Tools and Features Explained!) Free Download.

Learn how to make BETTER games FASTER by using all the Unity Tools and Features at your disposal!
What you’ll learn:
Learn how to use 30+ Unity Features and Tools
Make BETTER games FASTER by learning about some Tools you might not know exist!
Learn from a Professional Indie Game Developer

Anyone can follow and learn
Use the Q&A Section if you have any questions, I answer all of them every single day

Hello and Welcome!

I’m your Code Monkey and in THIS course you will learn how to use a lot of the features and tools that Unity has.

Unity is massive so there are over 30 lectures on this course each covering a different Tool or Feature.

This is a great way to quickly get up to speed and become familiar with all the Tools and Features Unity has that can make you much better at building your own games.

Learn all about making Shaders in Shader Graph, 3D modelling with ProBuilder, playing Videos with the VideoPlayer

Learn about Visual Scripting, Assembly Definitions, RenderTextures, GridSystem, TextMeshPro and more.

In this course you will find some features that are part of the engine that you didn’t even know about which will greatly help you on your game development journey.

Unity is massive so there are even more features than the ones I covered here, I’ve been using Unity for almost 10 years now and even so there’s still some I’ve never used so I need to do extensive research in order to make a lecture.

This course will be updated over time with free updates as I explain more and more Features and Tools.

Let me know in the Q&A section which ones you’re most interested in so I know which ones to prioritize.

Each lecture covers a different Tool or Feature of the engine so that means that each Lecture is standalone.

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