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Ultimate Seating Controller

This package is designed to extend Ultimate Character Controllers and enable players to ride and shoot in vehicles together. It also adds expandability by making it easy to make manned weapons.

This package requires that you have Ultimate Character Controller, (or one of the sub parts eg. First Person, Third Person) installed.

Includes a parachute ability and an example Airborne Gunship (like the Battlefield 4 commander mode enabled Gunship). Board the Gunship shoot some projectiles, bail out and use your parachute for some fun!

Includes an example Remote Controlled Tank, a great display of the versatility of this asset.

This package works out of the box with Realistic Car Controller v3.

This package can work with or without a vehicle controller, it is middleware for your vehicles, so many many options of use are available, examples are included using Realistic Car Controller v3 (if you own it and have it installed in your project), Standard Assets Car Controller, and NO car controller, check out the stationary Turrets. Another perfect example of this is integrating with Crest(HDRP/URP) using the Submarine. You can read how to do this in the documentation, no code is required.

Any vehicle controller can be used with minimal setup effort. The component enable/disable system makes this easy.

Example motorbike controller included!

Unlimited amount of seats. You can add as many as you like! Build a train or a rollercoaster!

Players can switch seats much like Battlefield.

Players can now also switch to a platform seat to be able to walk around on/in the vehicle!

Full screen UI can be setup easily for things like Tanks in First Person Perspective.

Seat specific options allow you to make your character fit any scenario.

Use items from inventory can be allowed or not, enabling players to shoot from vehicle windows or while driving even, much like Battlefield/GTA.