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Ultimate Screenshot Tool

Powerful tool to easily capture, edit, and share your screenshots to showcase your game and make marketing easy! In game and in editor on ALL platforms and pipelines!

Ultimate Screenshot Tool is the best screenshot tool on the asset store!

Simple to use with the most features and customization options anywhere, easily capture, edit, and share HD screenshots in game and in editor on ALL platforms and pipelines.

WebGL Demo – Documentation – Gif Combo


Screenshot with ease:

– Easily take HD screenshots in Editor and in Game!

– Preview all your devices and be pixel perfect on all platforms!

– One Click to capture ALL your app store screenshots!

– Show Screenshots In Game with UI to preview and share fun gameplay moments!

– Make marketing easy! Meme creating tool, instant share buttons, and more!

– Support for ALL pipelines: HDRP, URP/LWR, Custom, and Built-In!

– Save on ALL platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, WebGL, iOS, and Android!

– With Save to Gallery on iOS and Android or Download on WebGL!


– Texture transformations: crop, layer, resize, filters, shaders, and more!

– PNG, JPG, TGA, and EXR formats!


– No coding required. Full source code included anyway!

– Quality support, demo, and documentation!


Boost your productivity:

– Easily edit your screenshots at any time!

– Capture all your app store resolutions in one click!

– Localization support for Unity Localization and custom frameworks!

– Live Frames with device outlines and localized content at each resolution!

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