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Ultimate Screenshot Creator

Download Ultimate Screenshot Creator FREE Unity. 

Ultimate Screenshot Creator is the most complete and customizable screenshot creator available on the asset store. The asset is powerful, flexible, easy to use, and works in Editor and on all platforms.

For developers, it is the ideal tool to create professional marketing pictures, wallpapers and mobile store screenshots, using custom cameras, resolutions, backgrounds, watermarks, and more. Use the composition and batches process to generate hundred of multilingual promotional pictures in one click.

For your users, Ultimate Screenshot Creator is the ideal tool to take in-game screenshots with a lot of custom settings and to display and manage the screenshots from the game. Perfect for AR apps.

Ultimate Screenshot Creator is very flexible and can be used in several ways to match your needs, with the Editor Window, the Screenshot Manager component, the Simple Screenshot Taker, and even direct calls from scripts to capture Screenshots or Textures.

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For Unity 5.0 to 2019.2


• (NEW) Take screenshots in-game on all platforms.
• (NEW) Export your screenshots to the Android Gallery.
• (NEW) Export your screenshots to the iOS Camera Roll.
• (NEW) Customizable in-game gallery to manage screenshots.
• (NEW) Display a validation UI to the user to save the screenshot or discard it.
• (NEW) Display a screenshot thumbnail when taking screenshots.
• (NEW) Export the screenshots to platforms Picture Folder.
• (NEW) Capture off-screen scenes.