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Ultimate Runner Engine is a 3D Endless Runner style complete game template that ready to launch all platforms.

It is almost ready to launch all platform such as Windows, Mac, PlayStation®, Xbox®, Nintendo® and mobile platforms like Android, IOS, Windows Phone etc…

Ultimate Runner Engine has a very simple content library. You can give a completely different look to the game by changing a few graphical contents. For instance the game engine itself contains only one fbx object that holds all the environment objects in layers. We have not used any separate fbx files for keeping the project simple. And also we have used a single texture that holds all material textures of the entire game. This gives our project both simplicity and more speed performance in all device types.

Development and Improvements
The engine has a very simple and understandable project structure. We have developed our own game state machine for keeping the project customizable and manageable as possible. Our main development principal for the project is “Few code more state machine” That means we have coded most important parts of the game like track generator, player controller, audio controller, and achievements controller etc… and build the game itself in the editor with state machines. By taking advantage of this flexibility you can easily modify any part of the game and create your own situations, states and modes with a few mouse click without typing any line of code.

High-End Product & Quality Content
Ultimate Runner Engine is not just a simple game template, it has almost everything that today’s runner game features. With its advanced shaders, GUI, animations, environment design & style, audio design and sound effects it gives the look-and-feel of a high-end runner game. All of the character animations in the project have captured with real human movements with special trackers called mocap technique. And also all music and sound fx managed by professional game audio composers. With this features Ultimate Runner Engine™  beyond just a game template.

Advanced Game Mechanics
The game mechanics and balance is the most important things in a great game. If your game is not fun enough to play, users will no longer want to continue playing your game. So as Trisoft, we are aware of this unquestionable truth and developing our game templates to meet all expectations of gamers. We have developed and apply lots of mechanic factors to Ultimate Runner Engine™ for improving the gameplay. For instance Smart Hit Detection System. We have created different stumble contact areas for every obstacle element in the project. And when player collides any obstacle in the game,  smart hit detection system analyzes colliding parts of the character. As a result we can know which part of character have collided and what we will do. In this particular example, we can trigger the villain characters when the character hits corners of any obstacle in the game. Instead of making a simple action like collide and die, we have done such a complex procedure for making our project more detailed, quality and fun to play. Ultimate Runner Engine™ has lots of mechanic features like this one.

Low-Profile Device Optimizations
Today in the market, lots of game templates developed and tested in high-end devices. However, it should not be forgotten that most of today’s mobile users are still using low-profile devices. And we have developed Ultimate Runner Engine considering this situation. We had to handle lots of CPU graphics and memory situations limitations. In the code we have handled garbage collectors, creating an elegant way to instantiate tracks and objects to avoid memory issues and also in the editor we have managed all the attributes and formats of the asset contents for lowering both memory and project size. With this optimizations, your project will run smoothly and fluently lots of low profile devices.

We have created a fully working character shop which you can add and sale game characters. This shop window also gives you to base for selling any other game element easy and effortless way. And addition to this feature we have developed an Advert-Controller. With using this tool you can easily integrate and show your banner or interstitial ads in your game.

3rd Packages
No 3rd Package Needed.

Check out the Details from the Unity Asset Store: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/systems/ultimate-runner-engine-77843

Now download Ultimate Runner Engine FREE Unity.

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