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Ultimate Replay 3.0


Quick and easy to setup / integrate into existing projects.
Simple API – Minimal scripting knowledge required.
Highly extensible – Create custom replay components, etc.
Record and replay as many different objects as you want simultaneously.
State based – View replays from any camera in realtime.
Support for instantiated/destroyed prefabs.
Interpolation support – Record at 5fps or less and retain smooth playback.
Supports playback at any speed.
Supports reverse playback.
Supports pause/resume playback and recording.
Seeking allows you to jump to any point in a replay.
Recording an object is as simple as attaching a replay component.
Built-in support for recording transform, audio, particles, animation, and more.
Memory recording can be setup as continuous or as a rolling buffer.
File and stream support using optimized binary format or json.
ReplayVars allow script variables to be recorded simply using an attribute.
Get useful hints about the storage space requirements for all replay objects.
Includes example GUI controls for quick recording and playback.

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