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Ultimate Replay 3.0

Ultimate Replay 3.0 is a complete state based replay system designed to make adding killcams or action replays to your game as simple as possible.

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Ultimate Replay 3.0 is designed to be a complete replay system for your game to make it easy to add action replays, killcams, ghost cars and much more with minimal effort. It works by capturing snapshots of the scene at regular intervals containing information such as object postion, rotation, plus other data specified by replay components. The replay system then uses that information to reconstruct a smooth replay using interpolation in the Unity scene which can be rendered by any active camera in realtime. For that reason, it is possible to view the replay from any angle and even fly the camera around while the replay is occuring. Also since the replays are rendered in realtime, the replay system can run on any render pipeline with any camera syetem, post effects etc.

Designed with ease of use as the highest priority, you can add replays to your game in a matter of minutes by simply selecting game objects and then making them replayable using the Ultimate Replay menu bar. Built-in video player style controls mean you can record and replay instantly to test things out, but there is also a fully documented API if you want to implement auto-killcams, rewind time or other types of replay without relying on UI controls. Only basic scripting knowledge is required to implement such features.

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