You are currently viewing Ultimate PUN2 Playmaker Integration – 2D/3D/VR

Ultimate PUN2 Playmaker Integration – 2D/3D/VR

Do you love Unity? Do you love the Playmaker visual scripting tool? Do you want to implement multiplayer on 2D, 3D, or Virtual Reality? This constantly growing template is a perfect place to start.

WOW! Big June 2022 Update!!

In the latest update I’ve added features requested by many users that have never been included in Playmaker Before!

The first is a big one.

I’ve created a Room List Proxy so you can manage your open rooms all with Playmaker!

The second is also very cool.

I’ve created a Photon Chat Proxy! You can now easily create a Photon Chat room all with Playmaker!

Feel free to Check out the Online Documentation here before you purchase the asset.