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Ultimate Poly Fantasy

Welcome to the Ultimate Poly Fantasy! This is the new update, version 1.5!

This package is, and will be, a standalone package, that will grow over time, with enough content to build most of your game! (excluding some game logic, and characters). I’ve gone and made this package work great with linear lighting! Please use linear lighting for best results of the materials!

**Version 1.6 Adds 136 modular prefabs!
(See Release Notes for more info on whats included for this update!)

**331 New Modular Prefabs have been added for version 1.5!
102 New modular housing pieces.
29 Resource builds.
84 Exterior modular pieces.
112 Desert pieces.
4 Scattered rock piles.
**With this new update, I’ve also added a mini-map to test with, and some fun scripts to experiment with chopping trees down, or mining rocks for ore! This example can be found in 2 demo scenes from the 1.5 folder:
– 1.5 Example
– New Town
There is a second character controller now added. Its located in the folder structure of: Ultimate Poly Fantasy/ Game Logic, Effects/ Special Prefabs, Effects/ Property and Resource Builds/ Property Signs and Characters.
This character comes equipped with the mini-map attached. The only other thing you’ll need for the mini-map to show it is the “Main RPG Canvas” (that is until you make/ use your own canvas). Just drag and drop onto your scene, and you now have a nice working mini-map without any coding involved!
**(Please note, I am not a coder by trade. The scripts included in this latest update are meant for testing / showcase purposes and are not fully “game ready.” This is the tree chopping and mining script. They have been created so that you can see even more options of what is capable for this package!)
With this full release update, you now have about a dozen scripts for animating objects, using rigid bodies for pickup, and having other unique effects added to your models!
Now included with its own (First Person) Demo Character, with attached scripts, like a cross hair, for playing with this package at ease!

** This new version adds 331 modular prefabs, giving this package a new valued total of 1,617 modular prefabs!
**Version 1.25 added 177 modular prefabs, giving this package a new valued total of 1,286 prefabs!
**Version 1.0 added 502 modular prefabs.
**The Beta Version included 607 game ready Modular Prefabs!
**LOD’s included on every prefab, with multiple stages on higher poly models!
**Major Texture Sharing, with only a few textures in this package, providing minimal draw calls, and excellent frame rates!

Want to see a detailed list of all content included in these updates? Click the “Versions” tab for the Release Notes!

Videos shown are:
1st) The showcase of the demo scene Shipwreck bay, Pirate Isles.
2nd) A look at the Animation Playground demo scene, and the interactive objects included! (which also acts as an electronic Readme tutorial)
3rd) A look at the Main Demo Scene, along with some of the modular prefabs included!
4th) The video from the Beta, showing the Fantasy houses and marketplace included!

(Main Features for the Package now include)
-Swamp Lands
-Seaside Housing
-Town, Villages.

What did you get with the BETA?
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