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Ultimate Outlines & Highlights

⚡Main Features

Easy to use.
Extremely flexible.
Every feature can be customized per object and you can combine them in any way you like.
There are several fill effects included and you can create your own as well.
You can exclude specific submeshes.
Allows you to affect an individual or group of objects.
Supports sprites and cutout objects.
Optimized for mobile devices.
Allows you to preview the effect in the editor without entering play mode.
Works with both orthographic and perspective cameras.
Use it in both HDR and LDR environments.
Comes with integrated C# classes and coroutines to help you create various effects without additional assets.
Includes built-in trigger classes.
Example code and usage is provided to make it easy to integrate into your project.
Not supported:

URP 2D renderer.
Unity version below 2020.3
VR and WebGL

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