Ultimate Mobile Pro

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The new Ultimate Mobile Pro is a heap of Stan’s Assets best mobile local pro-line modules wrapped with amazing bound together API. The module provides streamlined cross-stage API for most well known local administrations.

The objective of this product is to be the best local cross-stage arrangement accessible for Unity.

All cross-stage highlights accessible with the module can be tried inside the Unity editorial manager, so you can test your execution before you work to a genuine gadget. You may likewise utilize any highlights from the modules that are a piece of this pack, or you can consolidate the use of ross-stage and stage explicit APIs. You’ll discover more portrayal and tests in the documentation.

In the event that you need to know increasingly, here is a full presentation article.

Ultimate Mobile Pro Incorporates :

* IOS Native – Forum, Documentation

* AndroidNative – Forum, Documentation

Local Cross-Platform Features :

* Foundation (IOS, Android)- Native Dialogs, Native Preloader, Rate Us Dialog, Date Picker Dialog, Build Info

* In-App Purchases(IOS, Android) – Consumables, Non-Consumables, Subscriptions, Transactions Validation, API Emulation in Editor

* Game Services(IOS, Android) – Authentication, Player Info, Achievements, Leaderboards, Saved Games, API Emulation in Editor

* Social Sharing(IOS, Android) – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, email, Default System Sharing Dialog

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