Ultimate Medieval Constructor

Download Ultimate Medieval Constructor FREE Unity. 

**Major Update version 1.6:
Added 288 Modular Prefabs!
Featuring new Siege Castle Walls! and Advertised “Foundation Templates” for another new set for modular house creation! (As seen in the video below)
1.6.1 is a minor patch update, featuring 5 new prefabs. 3 new towers with 90 degrees angle doors, and 2 new base tower pieces, for easier creation on uneven ground.
**Major Update Version 1.5:
Adding 383 new modular prefabs! (from both v1.3 + v1.5) 1.5.1 is now available, with new snowy rocks, and rock walls!

This package is made up of a new total of 1,688 modular structure and nature prefabs, 2048res atlas textures, PBR materials, and great quality, with medium-low poly, counts for most prefabs.

Combine all 5 total “main” materials included in this package for a total of over 5,000+ modular prefabs. 90% of every structure and props models shown in videos, and screenshots (per scene), share only 1 texture UV layout, with a few extra textures for added props, etc..
Version 1.6 brings a new set called “Foundation Templates” in a folder called “Prefabs Set 3.” These pieces are pre-built house foundations set up as templates for you to manually / custom place your walls around how you want them to look!
Siege Castle pieces are huge castle structures, fully walk-able in and out! Along with some 1-sided pieces included, for fast building!

Version 1.5 brought forth an entirely new set to the package, located in a folder called: “Prefabs Set 2 (NEW).” Here, you will find an entire supply of modular housing pieces and pre-made modules. These pieces are higher polys, and higher detailed, but with multiple stages of LODs included on all Tris heavy pieces!

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