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Ultimate Match-Three

● Lock – hued blocker, that can be coordinated as a chip to decimate. It has a coordinating counter, so we may say that it is layered as well. Also, it has a max 99 layers.

● Ice – excellent single layer blocker. It emanates occurrences for each move if the player isn’t pounding it.

● Undead Blocker – just for level design. Permits to make an undestroyable opening in the field.



Opening modifiers is an exceptional sort of substance. This is everything that can’t be called a chip or a blocker.

● Teleport – this space will transport every single included chip to the objective opening when the objective space will be unfilled.

● Water – intriguing modification. It murders every included chip for every move. “Murders” imply that it simply shroud it, without impacts of wrecking and without score rewards. Simply “thud!” and “farewell!”.

● Chip Generator – this modifier make space never be unfilled. At the point when the player smashes a chip in the generator, or this chip falls into another opening, the generator makes another chip with irregular shading. You can arrange it – to set what sort of chips to create and with what likelihood. Download Ultimate Match-Three free unity

● Glass – makes opening secured into the glass. It is layered and can have max 3 layers. This is selective for the Glass Goal.

● Ingredient Holder – the space that decimates the Ingredient chips. A selective for the Ingredient Goal.



There is conceivable make a level with scarcely any objectives. So you can simply envision all assortment of these.

● Star Goal – the player needs to arrive at a thoroughly stocked bar of score. What’s more, to get each of the three stars.

● Collection Goal – there is a couple of hued targets. It will become to when a player will pulverize certain check of chips of certain shading.

● Ingredient Goal – drop the fixing chips down to the base of the field.

● Glass Goal – to smash down all Glass spaces.

● Stone Goal – to annihilate certain check of Stone chips.

● Sandwich Goal – to annihilate every layered Sandwich.

● Flood Goal – to fill entire the field with water.



These are all substance without certain organization. Everything that broadens the level highlights. This is an uncommon kind of substance as well.

● Antigravitation – this augmentation permits to alter chip falling course for each opening. The must-have highlight for most levels.

● Walls – permits to make dividers between spaces, that makes difficult to move any chips between them.

● Dialogue – the enormous element for the level, which permits to show casual banter exchanges between in-game characters at the start of the level. Irreplaceable element for make ongoing interaction instructional exercises. Now download Ultimate Match-Three free unity



Promoters, that can be chosen before level beginning:

● Extra Moves Booster – permits to begin the level with five extra moves.

● Pearl – it produces new Pearls on the field every couple of moves.

● Paint – it paints numerous chips in a single shading at the level beginning.

● Surprise – the crate with the irregular promoter.

What’s more, promoters which can be taken during level is playing:

● Firework – evacuates all chips with chosen shading.

● Glove – it expels one chose chip.

● Tornado – it changes the spot of every conceivable chip. Extremely accommodating when the field doesn’t have any valuable developments.

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