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Extreme Match-Three engine is the most impressive Match-Three engine for Unity, that you no doubt you ever have seen at any point. It contains exemplary Match-Three ongoing interaction, yet Match-Chain and Match-Click mechanics as well. There is three most well known ongoing gameplay right now.

The undertaking has numerous opportunities for customization. There is incredible Level Editor, which bolsters an extension – straightforward unique classes, that permits to include new usefulness in the supervisor. It will be helpful, in the event that you choose to make new substance for this game, for example, new kind of bombs, new level objective or even new match-three ongoing interaction. Presently it is truly simple, in light of the fact that the source code turned out to be extremely clear and adaptability.

Ultimate Match-Three additionally has beautiful animation illustrations, that were made by an expert. What’s more, straightforward and organized UI framework, which permits to examine it and supplant if important. The level guide looks alive in light of parallax impact. You can make a comparative guide utilizing similar parts. On the off chance that you will have questions, you may ask me right by means of a task editorial manager. Or on the other hand by contact structure, on the off chance that you despite everything doesn’t have it.


Ongoing interaction MECHANICS

● Match-Three – the player needs to swap two adjoining chips to make a line of at least three chips. This can be an even, vertical line or both (cross blend). At the point when a player makes a blend with at least four chips, he makes an exceptional bomb.

● Match-Chain – here the player must draw a line of chips of similar hues. At the point when the line it excessively long, it clears the level field from all chips with a similar shading.

● Match-Tap – player basically taps on the zones of chips with a similar shading to smash them. In the event that the region is large, it makes an extraordinary bomb.



Every illustrative chip can be utilized in all ongoing interaction mechanics that composed above, with the exception of “Dim” bombs.

● Simple Chip – the customary sort of chips. It has hues and doesn’t make any embellishments after annihilate.

● Simple Bomb – the shaded bomb, that can be detonated and pound all neighbour chips.

● Cross Bomb – the shaded bomb, which wrecks all chips and snags with a similar line or segment.

● Horizontal Bomb – it fills in as the Cross Bomb, yet it frees just flat line from chips.

● Vertical Bomb – it expels a vertical line of chips similarly.

● Lightning Bomb – it would seem that the Simple Bomb, however, it is starting. This bomb pulverizes of chips with a similar shading.

● Cake – this is the uncolored bomb. It very well may be obliterated by detonating another bomb, or by blending it in with another chip. The Cake expels all chips with one of existing hues.

● Jam – the keen hued bomb. It attempts to locate a most succulent spot in the level field and to hit it.

● Pearl – the chip with all-inclusive shading. It very well may be coordinated with any shading.

● Stone – the hindrance sort of chip. It doesn’t have shading and it can’t be detonated. This is a deterrent. It very well may be squashed uniquely by pounding of one of the neighboring chips.

● Lava – a similar thing as the Stone, however, it is blazing! The Lava makes new occasions of itself each move if the player doesn’t pound the Lava.

● Ingredient – uncommon sort of chips. It is important for the Ingredient objective mode.

● Lifebuoy – uncommon sort of the Simple Chip. It is a selection for the Flood objective. At the point when the player squash it, it increments a flood level.

● Grey Bomb – the simple of the Simple Bomb, yet it doesn’t have shading property. This is an extraordinary sort of bomb for the Match-Tap ongoing interaction.

● Horizontal Gray Bomb – it is uncoloured sort of the Horizontal Bomb. The elite for the Match-Tap ongoing interaction.

● Vertical Gray Bomb – the uncoloured sort of the Vertical Bomb.



All sort of matchable chips can be blended. There is an exceptional kind of substance that called Mix. You can make a couple of chips and set certain Mix for them, it will permit tot blend these chips during the ongoing interaction. It is available just for the Match-Three and for the Match-Tap interactive experiences.

Here is some case of blending impacts:

● Cake + Jam – Cake doesn’t pound all chip on of the potential hues. Rather than this Cake change every one of these chips to Jam and enact them.

● Horizontal Bomb + Simple Bomb – The line with Horizontal Bomb will destroy will have 300% thickness.

● Lightning Bomb + Lightning Bomb – this impact clears the entire field.

● Jam + Cross Bomb – The Jam bomb detonates as the Cross Bomb when it is tumbling to the objective spot.

● And Much More…



● Sandwich – basic multilayer blocker. It can have four layers greatest.