Ultimate Inventory System

Download Ultimate Inventory System FREE Unity. 
Supported Unity versions: 2019.3.0 or higher

The Ultimate Inventory System is a robust and fully featured inventory system for Unity. The system was designed from the ground up to offer flexibility for any genre.

The Ultimate Inventory System contains an intuitive editor that allows you to quickly create your inventory objects. The UI display can be customized to show the inventory using the style of your game. Advanced inventory features such as crafting, upgrades, and a shop system are also included.

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• Item Management
• Inventory Display
• Crafting
• Upgrades
• Shop
• Currencies
• Save & Load
• Hotbars
• Item Variants
• Item Actions
• Mobile Friendly
• Controller Support
• Supports 2D and 3D

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  1. Grant

    Hey there it would be amazing if you could update Ultimate Inventory System, the downloads give me a 404 error right at the end, and there are new versions!

    Thanks so much, have a lovely day!

    1. mdazhar007

      We have updated it, thanks for the feedback.

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