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Download Ultimate Fantasy Creator Free Unity. 

**Version 2.4 brings the “main” textures more up to today’s standards of graphics. This update features many of the pre-existing textures enhanced and /or changed, to better blend with the package. The qualities are now appropriate for the package, and the textures have been carefully re-made to work in any type of lighting.**

(Version: 2.3 PBR Cave and Rocks Environments Update! See “versions” tab below for new content! )

This kit is a great starter kit for anyone new to Unity, or experienced users. As this kit is complete with many different styles of art and design. All 3D models, particles, and environment pieces, great for creating at least a good 80% of a game! This kit does not come with any characters, or game logic. Please use Unity Version 5.6.0 or higher to access all content included!
Only packages specified here are a part of this kit, all of my other packages are separate, unless stated otherwise!
-Dungeon’s Explorer Kit (Asset Package)
-Trees Packs 1.0 and 2.0
-Furniture Set 1.0
This package is mostly complete, and may or may not feature any more updates.
This package consists of support for the following types of builds:
-Towns, Villages, Cities
-Environments: Rocks, Trees
-And much more!
(Each with hundreds of different build types, giving you great control over what you’d like to build!)

With this full release, this package includes a total of over 4,000+ HD Modular Prefabs! (Combine all sharing textures/ materials, giving you a great estimate of well over 7,500+ prefabs!)
This is a specially designed package, to fill most needs for a great pick-up for medieval and fantasy style builds! Some pieces included are higher detailed / quality, whereas others are lower detailed / quality. So any style / quality of game will work for this.

Come see the README for more info, or to learn about all of the Material Sharing possibilities: Ultimate Fantasy README
This package has been split up into different folders per category:

(New) PBR Update (Houses and Castles + Rocks and Caves Environments):
Featuring 100+ modular cave / Rock prefabs. Rather than going with the organic cave setup via “corridors,” these pieces feature a large supply of modular rocks, so included as 1-sided, to build small or large cave scenes. These Rocks are also great for general environments as well. Not only that, but also included are new sculpted candle models, and “Ancient Builds” featuring Axtec-like modular walls and pillars, great for dressing up your caves!

Houses and Castles: are some of my modular pieces similar to those from my “Ultimate Medieval Constructor” kit on the Asset Store, but with different texture looks. These are a new supply of modular castle wall pieces, but also a large supply of modular house wall pieces! (Exterior only) You can create many an option with these pieces included, and add just that much more value to the package!

Furniture Set 1.0:
Featuring about a few dozen different furniture prefabs for now.. prefabs like beds, shelves, curtains, carpets, dressers, etc..

Caves 2.0:
Adding over 100 new cave prefabs to combine with the old cave prefabs included. You can now create detailed cave environments and hundreds of different rock formations!

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