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uLiveWallpaper (Pro)

Download uLiveWallpaper (Pro) Free Unity. 

uLiveWallpaper is a Unity extension that allows you to create Live Wallpapers for Android using the full potential of Unity in an efficient and easy way.

Bring your creativity to your phone’s home screen with the power of Unity

Android Demo APK
Free evaluation version is also available upon request.

– Supports all Unity features.
– Supports ARMv7 and x86 devices running Android 2.3 or newer.
– Creates projects for Android Studio the official IDE for Android application development.
– Well-tested and extremely stable.
– Convenient editor interface. Update your Android Studio project in a single click!
– Allows to automatically generate a simple Settings Activity for you to expand.
– Clear and simple API.
– Documented demo examples.

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