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UI Components for Game Creator

Download UI Components for Game Creator FREE Unity.

The UI Components for Game Creator Module is an add-on to the UI Actions for Game Creator. It contains:

⚡ Canvas Animations from Actions
⚡ Drag & Drop Minimap with Markers
⚡ Full screen Map configurable
⚡ Simple Navigation Compass
⚡ uGUI and TMP text Actions
⚡ Tooltips using Actions
⚡ In-Game System Information
⚡ 3D Models on a UI Canvas
⚡ Realtime Camera on a UI Canvas
⚡ Video on a UI Canvas
⚡ Character Selection Example
⚡ Compatiblity with Photon-Multiplayer
⚡ Clock and Timer Actions
⚡ and more…

All components are activated and controlled using Game Creator Actions, no coding is required.

These components can be used for inspecting 3D Models on a Canvas, Character selection, and MiniMap and FullMap creation with blinking markers and TextmeshPro Labels, and much more when you create 3D games using Game Creator. Four Main Menu templates are included, Comic Strip Canvas example, and a new Load and Save game functions.

With this Asset, you get:

⚡ 9 Major Categories
⚡ 9 Prefab GameObjects
⚡ 69 New GC Actions
⚡ 2 New GC Conditions
⚡ 1 New GC Component
⚡ 9 Detailed Example Scenes

Documentation and Tutorials can be found at

These UI components are an essential extension for Game Creator. They will not work without the Game Creator being installed first.