UFPS Photon Multiplayer Starter Kit

Download UFPS Photon Multiplayer Starter Kit Free Unity. 

An add-on for UFPS to hook your game up with the Photon Cloud. A framework of wrapper scripts allowing you to get started on a game without worrying about compatibility between UFPS and Photon Unity Networking, with lots of gameplay fundamentals already taken care of. Use it for learning, for cloud-based multiplayer games, or just as a bag of tricks for implementing your own multiplayer solution.

UFPS Photon Multiplayer Starter Kit Features

• Authoritative Master Client and distributed game logic. Damage, death, score, inventory, pickups, player states and bullet paths are authoritative

• Master Client handover during the game (if master leaves, the game keeps running and another player becomes master)

• Simple prediction and interpolation of player position

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