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Universal Fighting Engine (UFE) is the top-rated and the most trending framework for developing each 2nd and a 2.5D fighting games employing a sort of easy-to-use tools and editors.

UFE 2 Source originates with a sturdy native netcode and improved physics designed to run on-line matches in remarkably seamless lag-free surroundings.

Give it a strive, click here to play or transfer the demo.
All builds are cross-platform. to go looking for a match click “Online” (US Server).

Feature Spotlight:
– User-friendly editors
– Advanced A.I. support (Random and Fuzzy AI)
– Network support (Frame Delay and Rollback)
– Story mode
– Mecanim and heritage animation support
– straightforward character setup
– jazz band system
– Grappling move support
– Custom input manager
– medium choices
– Compatible with Unity graphical user interface
– Open supply graphical user interface Scripts
– Mobile friendly
– Extended cryptography support
– half-dozen Characters and over a hundred and eighty animations enclosed