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Download uDialog Free Unity
uDialog is a complete dialog solution for the Unity UI.

With uDialog, you can:
– Create and customize message boxes with optional titles, icons, and buttons
– Create and customize menus
– Create notification messages
– Wrap UI content in themed, draggable, and resizeable windows!

▶ Full source code included
▶ Show message boxes, confirm dialogs, menus, and content windows
▶ Use built-in themes and color schemes, or build your own
▶ Easy to set up and use in the editor
▶ Easy to create and customize dynamically via code (using a Fluent API)
▶ Add buttons easily in the editor, or using code
▶ Show notification stacks with message queueing
▶ Various show and close animations available
▶ Dialogs can be draggable, via the title or via the entire dialog/window
▶ Dialogs can be resizeable, from any direction(s) you choose
▶ Optional focus on click or on mouseover
▶ Play audio when dialogs are shown, closed, or when any of their buttons are clicked (with optional AudioMixerGroup integration)
▶ Optionally Visualize windows on a Task Bar
▶ Minimize windows (to the Task Bar)
▶ Fully compatible with all canvas render modes

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