Build Your Own First Person Shooter / Survival Game in Unity

Build Your Own First Person Shooter / Survival Game in Unity. 

Udemy – Build Your Own First Person Shooter / Survival Game in Unity

Part I: Create and Design Artificially Intelligent Game Characters with Advanced Animation Systems
Created by Game Institute Inc.
Last updated 5/2018
What Will I Learn?
Develop a robust and extensible artificial intelligence system that syncs with characters’ animations
Use state machine behaviors and animation curves to drive game logic
Design smart NPCs (non-player characters) that interact with their world in realistic ways
Understand fundamental game AI concepts like envionement navigation, pathfinding, A*, state machines, animation state machines, etc.
Import and animate multiple characters in less time with animation re-targeting
Use ragdoll physics to support body part specific damage along with more realistic death animations (and re-animations)
Implement screen effects that indicate player damage during attacks
Identify and prepare assets, models, and animations for your game
Learn how to use Unity’s Mecanim system in conjunction with root motion animation and navigation mesh based pathfinding.
Curriculum For This Course
58 Lectures

You will need a Windows PC and a free copy of Unity 5 to experiment with the source code and follow along.
Whether you’d like to create your own sci-fi or first person military shooter, third person action adventure, or even a role playing game, this Udemy course series provides the training you are looking for. Starting from a blank screen, we’ll build all of the systems, together, step-by-step for a game called Dead Earth.

Dead Earth is a commercial grade, first-person, action-survival game set in the modern post-apocalypse. As mankind’s last hope,you’ll traverse a fallen world ravaged by a lethal plague. The game presents players with a variety of dangerous environments where the fight for survival gets progressively more difficult as the story unfolds. The infection has manifested in a variety of terrifying ways, so you’ll face a varied set of enemies — from enraged humanoids to total mutations whose origins are not fully understood.

In this first course, we’ll setup our project and start populating the world. You’ll learn how to create smart AI characters that think strategically and realistically navigate their environment, all while avoiding obstacles and pursuing the goals that you give them.

You’ll also learn how to tie the physics and animation systems together with the behaviors and states of your in-game characters. This will enable them to interact with their world and with the player physically and visually correctly.

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