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uCodeEditor is a lightweight code proofreader inside Unity Editor. It bolsters C# and Shaderlab with incredible altering highlights, including Syntax Highlighting, Code Complete, AutoFormat and so forth.

uCodeEditor is based on Monaco Editor, which is the code proofreader powers Visual Studio Code, you may get comparative coding encounters in uCodeEditor contrasted and VSCode.


■ macOS: Mono >= 5.20

■ Windows: OS ought to be Windows 7 or later

Fundamental Features:

■ Supports C# with numerous altering highlights controlled by Omnisharp

■ Supports Shaderlab with all language highlights of ShaderlabVSCode

■ Markdown linguistic structure featuring and review

■ Supports sentence structure featuring for XML, c, c++, Lua, Python, object-c, quick, java, CSS and HTML

■ Coding upgrades for Unity, similar to code scraps for Unity enchantment strategies.

■ Supports easy routes and shading subjects customization

■ Supports code minimap and code indent guides

■ Supports different windows

C# Supports:

■ Syntax Highlighting

■ Code Completion

■ Code Actions

■ CodeLens

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