Turnbase RPG Template

download Turnbase RPG Template FREE Unity

This package contains numerous script and example to assist you to produce your own Turnbase RPG game

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– The character with numerous stats (HP, Physical Attack, Magic Attack, medicament Defend, Magic Defend, Evasion, Accuracy, Block harm Rate, Block likelihood, important harm Rate, important Chance)
– Character stats calculation tools
– Skills / Buffs
– Character Level up with another character as materials
– Character Evolve with other characters as materials
– Character Sells
– Character instrumentation
– Team formation
– Player’s exp, stamina, currencies
– Stages with foe knowledge, player exp, character exp, reward currency, reward things
– Stage lock and unlock once passed any stages
– Lootboxes that may open by Soft Currency or currency
– In-App getting that you simply will use it to shop for game things/currencies with real cash – Helper System
– Friend System
– Arena system, with ranking and rank-up rewards
– LiteDB, SQLite integration – Gamespark integration for on-line knowledge saving (Info)

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