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Turn Based Battle System

Download Turn Based Battle System Free Unity. 

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Version 1 features: ► Includes full source code in C#
► Supports grid navigation per turn
► Human vs AI, AI vs AI and two-player
► Supports Mecanim & Legacy animations
► Tabular and Hex grid layouts
► Unlimited number of camera positions
► Two battle modes: Immediate and PerFaction
► Three attack modes: InPlace, AtEnemy, FromNeutralArea
► The randomised enemy spawning system
► Positional, animated match- and turn- intros as well as victory and defeat screens
► Includes some truly epic music tracks
► Create a new, battle-ready character in minutes
► Unlimited grid size with an optional spacing between tiles
► Optional tile highlighting, custom tile meshes or no visible tiles at all
► Melee attacks and magic attacks
► Custom (optional) cinematic camera animations
► Built for Mecanim. Includes the easiest to use AnimationController EVER!
► Use any SFX package from the Asset Store as SFX for magic attacks
► Use any Mecanim animation you have for any melee or magic attack