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Tunnel FX 2

NEW! Tunnel FX 2 is now included in the RPG Starter Bundle.

Tunnel FX 2 is here! Built upon the feedback and experience from Tunnel FX, this new version has been completely created from scratch. It’s more practical, faster and works beautifully on mobile and VR.

Tunnel FX 2 creates stunning, colorful 3D animated tunnels and vignette effects. Use it for:

* Space travels / warp / hyper speed effect.

* Falls / drops.

* Mystic ascensions or magic transportation.

* Background for arcade / sci-fi games.

* Cool stylish background for menus, credits and transitions.

* Super-fast vignette effects (compared to full-screen image effect alternative).


• Highly customizable, allows you to create tons of combinations.

• Any polygonal shape supported: triangle, square, … up to 32 faces which results in a smooth circular tunnel.

• Straight or curved / wormholes.

• Up to 4 layers of animated textures can be combined with options like alpha blending, cutout, travel and rotation speed, twist and exposure (per layer).

* Easy to use global settings like transparency, speed and hyper speed effect..

* Real 3D tunnel: you can scale and position the tunnel anywhere in the scene and camera can rotate inside the tunnel.

* Compatible with built-in, URP and HDRP pipelines.

14 presets included: