True Shadow – UI Soft Shadow and Glow

Download True Shadow – UI Soft Shadow and Glow Free Unity. 

True Shadow helps you quickly and painlessly build beautiful and modern UIs with soft shadows and glows. No longer do you have to fake soft shadows with manually created texture or put up with the horrible builtin shadow component.

🎮 WebGL and Android Demo

📖 Manual & Documentation



▪ Control shadow size, offset angle and distance, color tint.

▪ Normal, Addictive, and Multiply blend-mode.

▪ Shadow can inherit color from sprite to emulate glow.

▪ True shadow generation, creating much smoother than SDF based method.


▪ Any sprite is supported, not just simple shapes.

▪ All Image type: Simple, Sliced, Tiled, Filled.

▪ Raw Image, so you can have 2D shadow/glow of 3D objects.

▪ Mask.

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