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Tropical Forest Pack

Download Tropical Forest Pack Free Unity. 

The trees and plants were modeled in Blender and imported into Unity using the Custom Tree Importer v3. This enables very advanced bending and beautiful Single Sided PBR shading! Also smooth LOD support with Billboards!


20 Ground Cover Prefabs

11 Props

2 Photoscanned Rocks

15 Modeled Trees

8 2048 ground materials- Each include the normal, height, and specular maps. 2 are Photoscanned with real height an normal detail.

2 Falling Leaf Particles

Triangle Counts​

Tri Counts for the LOD0 models range from 32 for the simplest dead leaf cover mesh to 9873 for the complex rock mesh. Most of the trees and plants range from 500-3000 triangles. All non-particle Prefabs have LODs setup that bring the tri counts down. All of the trees and some of the plants have billboards.