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Translucent Image – Fast Blurred Background UI

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Translucent Image helps you build beautiful blurred background UI, like those found in iOS/MacOS/Windows 10 Fluent design.

Unlike many other background blurring solutions, Translucent Image employs an efficient algorithm that have minimal impact on performance, so your user can enjoy higher frame-rate and longer battery life. Not only that, it can produce a deliciously smooth effect when you tune the blur up high, unlike many others that would degrade to ugly blocky artifacts.

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» Features Highlight «

– Fastest blur effect available on the Asset Store.

– High quality blur effect.

– Maintain similar looks across different resolutions.

– Easy to use with tight Editor integration.

– Fully customizable, not only blurriness, but also include many more effects to make your UI even more delightful to use.

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