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Traffic Racing complete kit

Download Traffic Racing complete kit Free Unity. 

The Traffic Racing complete kit is a full template to create endless traffic racing games easily. Add your own vehicles to the garage, unlock them and drive them in the desert or village. The cars prevent accidents automatically and switch lines. All UI menu’s, models, scripts and scenes are included.

– cars, bus, truck
– road, bridge, trees and houses

Start screen:
Simple credits, quit button and play button

– Buy/unlock new cars
– Add cars in the inspector easily
– Automatically saves unlocked cars
– Drag to view the cars
– Give each car a unique name, price and speed

2 endless locations:
– Desert scene
– Village scene
– Roads are endless with houses, trees, cactus and cars
– All roadside objects are spawned in random waves to create some variation besides the road

Count down text

Endless car wave spawning

Smart cars:
– Using ray cast, spawned cars prevent accidents by decelerating and accelerating.
– The cars switch lines
– While switching line, they indicate their direction with lights

Pause panel:
– Pauses the game. Choose the controls (touch, tilt) and set game volume
– Saves changed settings automatically

Smoothly switch camera between two views