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TouchConsole Pro

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TouchConsole Pro is a powerful debug console designed to help you and your Device have a great experience testing and debugging your game.

The debug console is used (behind the scenes!) on a number of successful mobile games such as World of Warriors and Seabeard.

• See a complete list of messages and exceptions while running on device or in the Web Player
• Execute commands to modify or inspect the state of your game, with an easy API
• Get notified when an exception occurs
• Optimised for touch screens
• Filter and search the log
• Email beautiful, filterable HTML logs complete log complete with screenshots and your save file using built-in native plugins for Android and iOS [see an example!]
• Advanced auto-completion support to minimize typing.
• Supports all the platforms Unity supports, including Web Player and WebGL.
• Extendable – override default behaviour with simple to use hooks.
• Automatically removes itself from your final builds (configurable)
• Great support and documentation
• Looks good!