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How to Make a Top Down 2D Action RPG in Unity 2022

State Machine Animations, Combat, and Level Building Basics Coded in C#

What you’ll learn
Learn how to create a player character with movement, attacks with knockback, and physics
Make an enemy that will chase and damage players – optionally other enemies too
Build 2D game levels with tilemap and tileset tools
Setup animations for your characters using the unity animation state machine tools
Add floating text to indicate damage dealt to enemies or players
Explore the differences between kinematic and dynamic rigidbody movement and physics
Receive player input through the new InputSystem package

Some programming experience will definitely help. I walk through each line of code to explain things thoroughly.
Make sure you have Unity 2022.1 or newer installed. Best to use stable versions to avoid bugs.

Learn the basics on how to build a Top Down 2D Action RPG (think classic Zelda games) inside of Unity 2022. The main focuses of this course is on creating a working player with a sword attack, a slime enemy to chase and damage the player, and building a level to play on with pixel art tilesets including wall collisions. Another key focus is demonstrating the differences between kinematic physics and unity dynamic rigidbody physics with two versions of the player controller script so you can choose which method works best for you and your own games. Also important is the cinemachine package for creating a follow camera to track your player but maintain pixel perfect settings in Unity to avoid any screen tears or distortions.

In this course, we’ll cover much of the core gameplay essentials games in this genre will need in their main gameplay cycle

Player Movement and Attacks with new InputSystem package

Building Tilemaps from Tilesets