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Top-Down Royal

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– 2 X Texture resolution
– Albedo, Normal, Gloss, Metalness/Specular, Occlusion, Emissive, Height
Package contains over 77 prefabs:
– Modular structures
– One Pc demo scene
– Particle systems
– 77 Low poly models
– Lightmaps Baked
– Mobile-friendly meshes
– 5 Scene ready
– PBR materials
– Custom shaders and post-process effects
– Pc Demo video ( Video )
Are you doing FPS, Top-Down game demo or virtual reality? If so, this package is definitely for you! Here you can see the little preview of what you are getting. The models are as detailed as possible, so you can create a real-looking environment with these high-quality models. Besides they were built as modules, so it is easier to use.

Check out the details from the Unity Asset Store:

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