Top Down – Action RPG

This project is a top-down action RPG game template. It will help you create your own top-down action game with the few setups.

You can easily understand and easily modify it into any style game you want.

This package also comes with a third person controller and mobile device control support.

New Update 3.1
– Add Nav Mesh Agent Support for Player and Enemies.

New Update 3.0
– New UI Support.
– New Controller (Mouse Click to move player).
– Improve the Save/Load System

New Update 2.0
– Character Selection.
– Item Drop Popup.
– Button Fix for Unity 5.3

– Mobile Support
– Support for both Mecanim and Legacy animation
– Attack Combo and Skill system
– Inventory and Equipment
– Shop system
– Quest system
– Save/Load Game
– Swap weapon model
– Various weapon types
– Elemental and Abnormal Status system
– Enemy AI
– Support both C# and Javascript.
– Improve Quest Dialogue.

Asset Store Link –!/content/28864

Top Down – Action RPG v1.0.unitypackage – 62.50 MBDownload

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