Toon Zombies – Extended Pack

Download Toon Zombies – Extended Pack FREE Unity

Toon vogue hand-painted customizable Full Zombie Horde.
Low Poly and Mobile friendly.

4 Customizable Zombie models:

-Male Zombies
-Female Zombies
-Hulk Zombies
-Tank Zombies

2 x a pair of048×2048 Color textures for all characters

+ 61 Zombie prefabs & single mesh predetermined models, Including:
Male Civilians, feminine Civilians, Police & Military, troubled & Infected Zombies, hiding Hooded Zombies, Priest, Big Bosses.

+ 62 Zombie dead body models.

79 Animations:
-Calm animation set
-Aggressive animation set
-Broken animation set
-Crawl animation set
-Death & come to life (x3)
-20 alternative generic zombie animations

This package solely contains graphic material (models, textures, materials and animations).
No scripts or controllers of any kind are enclosed.

Check out the details from the Unity Asset Store:

Now download Toon Zombies – Extended Pack FREE Unity

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