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Toon Water URP

Toon water for your project, high customizability options great for low poly and other graphic styles!

+ Full shader graph included
+ URP only (7.2.1+)
+ Multiple lights support

NEW mobile shader version included
NEW custom inspector for desktop shader version
NEW planar reflections

Toon Water URP features
– Stylized toon specular highlights for directional light and point lights
– Toon foam
– Depth based color gradient
– Customizable transparency
– Orthographic camera support
– Fresnel
– Mobile version
– UV based on world position
– Planar reflections (deskop version only)
– Custom inspector (only for desktop shader and works only with Unity 2019.4.5f1+ and URP 7.4.3+)

In the package you get
– A few premade water materials
– Full water shader graph
– Full mobile water shader graph
– Functions code used in the shaders
– Script for planar reflections rendering
– Demo scene

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