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Toon Soldiers

Download Toon Soldiers FREE Unity. 

Cartoonish low-poly soldiers fully animated, ideal for strategy games. Mecanim ready

-Fully customizable:
(9 body models, 15 head models, 5 backpack models, 19 weapon models, plus grenades, projectiles and some pickups)
-Nine color skins

-More than 450 animations:
(around 70 animations per weapon set, including melee, handgun, assault, akimbo, rocket launcher, light machinegun, heavy weapons)
-Root motion animations included.

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  1. Drakesons Games Studios

    hello my name is Drakeson MacDonny, and iam asking kindly, if there will be this asset on this website
    The Requested Asset: “Toon Soldiers WW2 Edition”

    if you say Yes then Thanks You, but if you Guys say No then pls set this Requested Asset for free on this Website pls!

    your Drakeson MacDonny

    1. Unityassets4free

      Thank you for the query, we will try to get that asset soon, we will let you know…

      1. Drakesons Games Studios

        yes thanks you, but when it will be released pls iam desprate for this asset!!!
        can you just put it out or it is hard????!

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