Toon Racing

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– Forum Thread -Give life to your most rated and trending genre a racing game with this toon titled pack.

– 32 toon and great-looking race cars, rally cars and monster trucks, good for your project.

– A track building kit, buildings, dirt ramps and lots of additional assets create it straightforward to make an entire and immersive athletics surroundings.

For performance reasons and with mobile devices in mind, the models use a small 128*128 color texture and a 128*4 toon ramp.

All models have a low poly count allowing you to create an awesome racing game easily, starting from a couple of triangles for the best models, to 7000 triangles for the additional complicated ones.

In addition to the best racing vehicles and monster trucks, a track building kit has been enclosed, to any enhance your expertise.

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Now download Toon Racing FREE Unity

Download For Free Server 1Download
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Download For Free Server 1 v1.3Download

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