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Toon Harbor Pack

Download Toon Harbor Pack Free Unity. 

SICS Games presents

+1400 Unique prefabs to build a sprawling harbor.

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◙ Featuring ◙

• Over 1400 prefabs, ranging from modular buildings and interior assets, to ships, vehicles, industrial rail system, cranes and characters.

• The pack contains mostly modular assets, allowing you to build your own structures, buildings and ships, in addition to those already created.

• 45 pre-made building structures.

• All ships and vehicles come with interiors, detached wheels, doors and other working items.

• Customizable characters and pre-made variations. (Character poses indicative only).

• 2 huge demo scenes incorporating all exterior assets from the package and a smaller scene, showcasing the interior assets.

◙ Asset list ◙

• Characters •

(x6) Character templates and (x21) pre-made Character Variations.

Presets include:

(x4) Dock Workers

(x8) Technical Operators

(x4) Office Workers

(x5) Truck Drivers

along with over 50 clothing and styling accessories

• Buildings •

(x45) Structures & Building Presets

Modular assets used in creating the presets:

(x445) Building Elements with openable doors and windows

• Interiors •

(x188) Interior Assets

Assets used in this category include:

(x21) Chairs & Tables

(x21) Food & Beverage Items

(x12) Kitchen Appliances & Furniture

(x51) Office Furniture Items

(x49) Office Supplies

• Ships •

(x50) Ship Presets & Prefabs

Assets used in this category include:

(x18) Boats

(x15) Freighters

(x10) Tugboats

(x7) Generic Ships

Built with modular ship elements:

(x88) Hull Elements

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